Rams Record Staff

Rams Record Staff

Thursday, April 20, 2017

John Herschel Glenn Jr.
Allison, Rams Record Editor
Many of you may know that John Glenn passed away on December 8, 2016, but did you know he was the first person to orbit the Earth three times and he also was a United States Senator?
John Herschel Glenn Jr. was born July 18, 1921 in Cambridge, Ohio. He went to Muskingum College. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor he decided to become a Marine pilot. After flying 149 missions between WWⅡ and the Korean War, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross six times.
When NASA was looking for pilots he volunteered right away. Glenn was selected with seven others to be the first astronauts in the program. On February 20, 1962 John Glenn piloted the Friendship 7 aircraft around the Earth three times. This meant he was the first human to orbit the Earth. After this he found out that he would not have another flight assignment so his interest turned to politics.
He retired as a colonel from the Marine Corps and ran for senate three times, the first two of which were not successful. By the third time he ran for senate he won, making him Senator Glenn. In February, 1997 he announced he would retire from the Senate.
The next year NASA invited him to become a member of the Space Shuttle Discovery Crew. This made him not only the first human in space but the oldest. John and his wife later founded the John Glenn Institute for Public Service at Ohio State University.
Sadly on December 8, 2016 John Herschel Glenn Jr. passed away. He may be gone from Earth but he will always be in our hearts and history!                                                           
Resources:    http://johnglennhome.org/about/john-glenn

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Steele Hill
By Lindsey E. , Rams Editor  
Ahh… VACATION.. a time to sit by the pool and relax. Wait…. it’s April how can I be sitting by a pool? Well, I am at Steele Hill Resorts- a great place to sit and relax for the April break.  
The apartments are always clean and there is a lot of privacy too. They have a racquetball court and indoor pool and gym. You can find video games in the hallways.
Located in Sanbornton, Steele Hill is aptly named because it sits on a hill. Beside the pool there is a big waterslide  and a pool for little kids. The kiddie pool has a big mushroom that rains water down on the kids. It has a little water slide for them too.

There is also a big pool for older kids. It has a big water slide. The pool room has 2 hot tubs. One is a Roman hot tub, the other is a normal one. If you would like to play some racquetball after a nice swim, just head to the front desk. Ask about the racquetball court, but be sure to have an adult with you. These are many things you can do at Steele Hill Resorts. They have a long wait list so call NOW. April vacation is right around the corner.     
Shrek Jr.
By: Madelyn/Rams Editor

Hello, I just wanted to tell you that Chichester Central School is going to perform the play Shrek Jr. We are going to perform our first big dress rehearsal today, Thursday, April 13 at 1:30 p.m.  We are going to perform it again on Friday at 6:30 and again on Saturday at 1:30. Tickets are a bargain at $5.00! I know it is going to be an amazing play and everyone has worked so hard. If you see Mrs. Mara or Mrs. Douglas make sure to say “thank you” to them because they have worked as hard as we have. Thank you!!!!!!!! Check out the story in the Thursday, April 13th edition of the Concord Monitor!

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lengthening The School Day
Camdyn, staff editor

In my opinion, the school day should be lengthened. I know you probably think I’m crazy because I want the school day to become longer. I don't mean we should just work all day. If we have a longer school day that would mean more recess and lunch time too. I think that it is important that the school day is expanded.
The first reason why the school day should be become longer is that kids would get a longer lunch period. Usually the kids at the end of the lunch line only get a few minutes of lunch. It is scientifically proven that kids do better if they’ve had enough to eat. Nobody can focus on an empty stomach. I’ve learned that in my own experience. It is also important that kids get a longer lunch so that they don't have to rush to finish their lunch. If you eat too fast you might get a stomach ache. That's not very pleasant.
Secondly, the school day should be expanded because kids would get more study and learning time. It is important that kids have more time to really go in depth with the skill they are trying to master. When you practice a skill for a while you get better at it. Which means you will get better grades.
If the school day is longer the teacher has more time to really explain the strategy that the students are learning. Therefore, students will get more fluent with the skill. Also, if students have more study time during the school day, they will do better on tests and quizzes. In addition, kids would get more time to work on their projects.
One other advantage to a longer school day is that kids could have access to enrichment classes to learn about other topics such as playing an instrument or studying a foreign language. It is very important that students have more study and learning time during the school day.
One last reason why school should be expanded is students would get more recess time. It is important that all students get two or more recesses or breaks. Students need to get a lot of fresh air instead of sitting down all day. If students are sitting down all they could get really uncomfortable. Lately there have been studies showing that sitting too long is really bad for people’s health. Kids do better when they get movement breaks. Also, when kids are outside they get to socialize with their friends. It's never a bad thing to catch up on things with your friends. It is very important that students get enough recess and break time.

To sum it up, I think the school day should be expanded. It is very important that every student has enough school time to do their very best and achieve their goals. Expanding the school day would definitely help!
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The life of an animated character:
I Was Skippyjon Jones
You never know what Read Across America week will bring to Chichester Central School. I know that first hand. When I got to school on the last day before Winter Vacation, I was asked to dress as SkippyJon Jones by Mrs. Audet, the Reading Specialist who plans RAA week. I realized being a mascot was much harder than I thought it was. It was so hot in in there! Thank goodness I had a fan in the head of the costume. Even though it was very hot it was definitely worth it! All the kids loved me! From that day on I gained a lot of respect for mascots because they may have to be in a costume for multiple hours. I will never look at mascots the same way again, now that I’ve been one!


Thursday, February 23, 2017

My New Kitten

My New Kitten
By Michael
The story of how I got my 4th cat is a very interesting one. It seemed like just a regular Thursday night until my sister Emma went outside. She heard a cry and went in the woods only to see a little cat alone. My step-dad, Mike, came into my room to tell me what happened. In a voice that worried me he asked me to follow him and I thought that something terrible was going on. When I saw the kitten I was so excited. My step-dad gave the kitten food and the name Lacey. She was eating extremely fast, using her paws to shove food into her mouth. She was so skinny that you could feel her spine.
At first our other animals weren’t as fond of the little kitty as we were. As the days passed, Lacey was eating more and getting more comfortable. She had a vet's appointment and if she didn’t have a chip, which identified her as belonging to someone else she was officially ours. She didn't have a chip!!!
Our dog, Rosie and cat, Oliver, still don’t get along with Lacey. However our other two cats, Yellow and Zoey always play fight with Lacey and get along really well. Now Lacey is a household name and we all love her so much.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

                                                           The Big Play
Madelyn/Rams Editor

Hi guys, I am here to announce what this year's play is going to be. This year’s play is Shrek Jr. It is going to be a really awesome play! We do not know all of the parts yet but, soon enough we will know. We will tell you the parts when we know them. There are going to be over 20 roles in the play. Auditions were held on Wednesday, January 25th for grades 3 & 4. January 26th auditions are for grades 5 & 6. Auditions for grades 7 and 8 are on Monday, January 30. If you have missed an audition date, see Mrs. Douglas or Mrs. Mara to schedule a time. Everyone is so excited about the play. There are lots of ways to be involved if you don’t want a main role. Come check it out!
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Tips For Successful Homework
By: Camdyn Rams Editor
I have heard that people in every grade, in schools all over the world,  have trouble getting their homework done successfully. I’ve decided to help by giving you all some tips on where to work, when to work, who to work around, etc.
First of all you need a quiet place to work, such as your room, where no one will distract you.You shouldn’t work in a room with lots of people and distractions. You should be doing your homework on a hard flat surface. That is important because you won't do your best work if you write on a bumpy surface. I learned that the hard way.
Secondly, you should work at a decent hour of the day. What I am trying to say is you shouldn't be working on your homework too late at night. It is not good to strain your eyes while trying to see and read in the dark. Also, if you stay up late the night before a school day you will be extremely tired the next day. That will not be good for you or the teacher who is going to have a hard time trying to teach you while you are catching a cat nap. I hope if you are reading this you are thinking about what time you are going to do your homework.
Lastly, you need the right supplies to do your homework. You wouldn't want to keep interrupting yourself because you can't find a pencil or a pen. An idea to help prevent that is a homework caddy. A homework caddy is a container that is filled with homework supplies such as pencils, pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors, etc. You can either buy a caddy or make one out of a shoebox. You can get straight forward instructions on how to make one on Youtube at Homework Caddy Tips. If you don't want a caddy you could use something as simple as a basket. You really just need something that holds a variety of school supplies. Trust me, having all your homework supplies in one spot is helpful.
Well, that's it for the homework tips. I hope you take this advice and start doing your homework successfully.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


       Scouting For A Great Organization?

Have you been or are you interested in being a Boy or Girl Scout? Check out this presentation to see if this awesome organization is for you!
Scouting for a Great Organization? Click Here

... Girl Scout cookie desserts ...

By Michael

So it is that time of year, our 5th and 6th grade basketball season is starting. There are two teams and soon I will hear what team I am on. First we will have a tournament with only 9 out of the 12 kids that are on the team to figure out the seeding. Before we know it games will be starting. The story of how basketball actually was invented is a very interesting one. Back in 1891, James Naismith had been to teach P.E. at a YMCA training school in Springfield, Massachusetts. The kids he was going to teach were being bad, so Naismith was told to invent a new game to keep them busy. Since it was winter and very cold outside, the game would have to be able to be played indoors. He got the idea of nailing up raised boxes that players would try to throw a ball into. When he couldn’t find boxes he used peach baskets. Naismith created the rules for the new game in "about an hour." Most of the rules still are used in some form today.  He was the first great college basketball coach. Forrest Allen, who played for Naismith at the University of Kansas, went on to win 771 games when he was a coach at Kansas. Allen was a great coach himself and also coached many star players, one of the most well known was Wilt Chamberlain, who became a professional basketball superstar. On one night in 1962, Wilt scored a record 100 points in a game.

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