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Rams Record Staff

Friday, September 22, 2017

Hot Car Deaths Prompt Push for Technology That Detects Kids in Vehicles

By Marshal, Rams Staff Editor

Each year, kids die from heatstroke after being left in hot vehicles. That is why government officials are requiring automakers to create and install technology that alerts drivers when a child is left in the back seat.  Some studies suggest that these types of accidents began because of a new legislation requiring children to sit away from dangerous airbags in the back seat, a location in which they could easily be forgotten and left behind.  Because of these accidents, about 37 children die while trapped in hot vehicles each year, July being the deadliest of the months.  The death toll has totaled at least 729 children since 1998.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., and Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., on July 3, had introduced a legislation requiring that all new vehicles come equipped with technology that will alert drivers if a child is left in the back seat once the car is turned off.  This will prevent these kinds of deaths from happening. ”You get a warning when you leave the keys in the car,” Schakowsky said in a statement. “You should get a warning if you leave a child in the car.”

Jackie Gillan, the president of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, a D.C.-based coalition of consumer health and safety groups, said that a few GM models will prompt drivers to make sure to check the back seat if they had opened a rear door at the beginning of their trip. Other types of technology “can detect the smallest breath from a newborn” and alert a driver to remember to take them out of the car.  Gillan said, "We need to educate people to look before they lock, but on the other hand we have a technology that will solve the problem.”

This kind of technology can prevent these accidental deaths from happening by alerting the drivers that their children are still in the car, reminding them to take their children out.  When this alert technology is in all vehicles, this kind of death may be non-existent or rare.


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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Message Maniakid graduate 2.jpg
It’s hard to believe that the end of the year will soon be upon us. That means it is time, once again, to put your messages on the Rams Record Blog!
Message Mania is a Newsclub service that offers you a cool way to tell someone you care, bid farewell to a teacher or classmate, or reminisce about the past year. PARENTS, you too can proclaim your pride in your child and express thanks to anyone who was an important part of your child’s life this year.
The cost of a message is 5 cents a word. If you wish to participate...Just fill out the form below, or submit electronically (preferred) by clicking here . Then,  send it along with the money to the school office or Mrs. Audet, labeled for Message Mania and include your name and your child’s teacher. You can start sending in your messages NOW!!! Your messages will be posted on the Rams Record blog during the LAST week of school, June 19-23! Go to the school website to link over to our blog: www.sau53.org/ccs
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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Jimmy Garoppolo
By Rams Editor Lindsey E.
Patriots won the super bowl, but what’s next for Jimmy Garoppolo? Will he stay with the patriots? Or will he go to a different team?
Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, won his fifth super bowl on February 5th 2017. But with his four game suspension Jimmy Garoppolo had to take a stand.  By the second game he injured his shoulder. Then we had Jacoby Brissett, who then got injured. But luckily Tom Brady was back. Jimmy Garoppolo was up for grabs at the end of the season. The Cleveland Browns wanted to have him for a trade.
The Cleveland Browns did not complete the trade with the New England Patriots. Jimmy Garoppolo will be staying with the Patriots.  The Browns tried to ship Number 12 overall pick for the Patriots. We have no information  if the Browns were offering any further picks or veteran  players. The Browns should have offered more to get the players they wanted, but perhaps the Patriots were asking for too much.  The Patriots may have blown their chance to get the most out of Garoppolo. Next March there will be a swing for unrestricted free agency.  

In conclusion there should have been a  trade. But maybe Jimmy G. was too valuable to trade.  It might have benefited both of the Browns and the Patriots.  I can’t wait to see what happens next season.  
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Volcano on Mars?!
Rams Record Editor

    Nasa researchers have learned that a volcano on Mars went extinct the same time as dinosaurs. Arsia Mons is the southernmost volcano in a group of three Martian volcanoes known as Tharsis Montes. By using a new computer model scientists figured out when the volcanos stopped erupting lava. According to this device these volcanos stopped erupting 50 million years ago. This was the same time the Paleogene extinction event occurred.
    "We estimate that the peak activity for the volcanic field at the summit of Arsia Mons probably occurred approximately 150 million years ago — the late Jurassic period on Earth — and then died out around the same time as Earth’s dinosaurs. It’s possible, though, that the last volcanic vent or two might have been active in the past 50 million years, which is very recent in geological terms." said Jacob Richardson, a postdoctoral researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. He and his research team discovered 29 volcanic vents on Mars, which are located in a crater shaped depression on top of the volcanos. A caldera on Mars is big enough to hold all of the water in Lake Huron. A caldera is when volcanos collapse under their own weight. Who knows maybe Mars is more like Earth than we think.     


Student vs. Staff Basketball Game
Rams Record Editor

On Thursday March 9, 2017 the Staff at CCS faced off in a basketball Game against the Students. Admission was $ 2.00, and food and drinks were available. The Students won 51-50. The game was very exciting with many of the staff playing. Those who could not play went to support the team. They had a wonderful turnout with packed stands, and even an appearance from Rocky the Ram.The Staff made a large comeback in the second half. Everyone there ended up having fun, Great Job, Guys!