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Rams Record Staff

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Soldering On...

Check out the READ ACROSS THE WORLD bulletin board in the Primary wing around the corner from Mrs. Audet's office and you will see some new faces...These are soldiers from Afghanistan who have written letters to the students at CCS! As soon as all responses are received from the soldiers who took letters, the box will be sent to us and we can enjoy hearing from our new Pen Pals! P.S. to our kiddos... You never know...one of these writers will be sending their letter to YOU!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Teen, Genius or Teenius?
When you think of a genius, who comes to mind? Maybe Albert Einstein?  Like Einstein, every now and then a child of extraordinary intelligence is born. Well, for this generation, meet  Brittney Exline. She is amazing! She could read by the time she was two and had finished sixth grade when she was eight years of age. When she was thirteen she graduated High School!! Now fifteen,  she is attending the University of Pennsylvania. But academics is not all  Miss Exline does. She may be a teenager and in college but she doesn’t always study. She loves to dance and is a fluent German speaker. Exline has also even won some beauty contests. Brittney Exline is truly a multi-talented genius.
 By: Jessy
Britney Exline: Teenius!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Read Across America becomes Read Across the World!

Each year in March, we celebrate the joy of reading while celebrating Dr. Seuss's March birthday. The themes and activities vary, as with any birthday party! This year, our theme is "Read Across the World", in an effort to bridge the miles between book lovers here in New Hampshire and book-loving soldiers stationed across the world in Afghanistan! Following are some of the ways we celebrated Dr. Seuss, who was once a proud Army soldier himself, and our troops overseas.

This letter was enclosed with close to 300 homemade chocolate chip- pecan cookies and a box of letters scribed by each of our students in grades k-8. I just received word from the USO that the box arrived safely in Afghanistan on March 29. When we receive responses from our troops, they will be displayed on this bulletin board in the primary wing on a rotating basis before being given to the student recipients. We are currently trying to plan a skype session in which soldiers will read books aloud to our students. More info will be forthcoming...

To Our Brave Soldiers…raa soldiers.JPG
My name is Resa Audet and I’m a Reading Specialist at Chichester Central School in the teeny, tiny town of Chichester, New Hampshire. We are celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday throughout the month of March. This year I have christened March “Read Across the World” month. Several of our students and staff have family members in the Armed Forces, particularly the Army. My own son, Pvt. Audet, Adam (LOL...can you tell I write him often?) is just a couple of weeks away from graduating tech school as a medic with Foxtrot 232 in San Antonio, Texas.
Reading is such an essential skill in life, but it is the love of reading that keeps kids engaging in the often hard work it takes to become a lifelong reader. No one can know about hard work and perseverance like all of you who are serving our country, here and far from home. It is in the spirit of supporting our troops and celebrating the awesomeness of Reading that we invite you to participate in a pen pal letter exchange.
Inside this box are letters from each of our students. For ease of writing with our little ones, I developed a fill-in form, which will  make responding easier for all of you as well.  Some students really wanted to write longer letters and they were given that opportunity. If any of you wish to write more, feel free. Just grab a homemade chocolate chip-pecan cookie, baked with love by my 9th grader,  Brenna and me, select a letter to read and, if you can and wish to, fill in the form stapled behind your student’s letter. If you care to add more detail, write a letter on back! Then you can give the letter back to the USO rep who will make a mass mailing to our school. Should you desire to send the letter individually, I will provide my school address…
Resa Audet, Reading Specialist
Chichester Central School
219 Main St
Chichester, NH  03258

Bless you all for your service and sacrifice!  With love and respect,  Resa :)

ad n me.JPGFreedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.

Happy with Flappy Birds?

by Kendra & Katie

Bad news for fans of Flappy Bird. If you don’t already have this game downloaded on your device, you are out of luck. The guy who created the really popular game has pulled it off the market. If you HAVE got Flappy Birds you probably think it’s fun, but it can  get really frustrating. The game is pretty simple. There is a bird that you try to fly through a path that has obstacles in the way. Tapping your finger makes the bird go up. Not tapping makes the bird start to fall down. But be careful! If you fly too high or too low you will hit a post or something else that sends you right back to where you started! Flappy Bird is now off the app store in part because the creator, Dong Nguyen, felt guilty that the game was so addicting. If you have already downloaded the game on your Android or Apple device, you can still play it or there are lots of different versions of Flappy Birds. If you can’t put down your phone, chances are you HAVE got Flappy Birds. If so, Good Luck!

Friday, April 4, 2014

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Doggone "Paw"some Adventure!

                  dog · paw · india ink  Muddy Paw Sled Dogs Em”Bark” on a Trip to

     dog · paw · india inkChichester Central School! dog · paw · india ink


On March 18, 2014, Chichester was privileged to host a team of sled dogs from the Muddy Paw Sled- Dog Kennel out of Gorham, New Hampshire. Fifth grade students, and a lucky trio of 8th graders, spent a couple of hours learning about Dogsledding. Following are samplings of what they learned. It was a “paws”itively perfect presentation! Enjoy!

-by Mrs. Audet

I Wanna Iguana!

Iguana on Mars
by Sarah

Look at these photos and you will see an iguana. An iguana??  Is there really an iguana on Mars?  NASA’s rover Curiosity took pictures of what NASA says appears to be a Martian iguana. They are actually rocks. Earlier this year NASA took rock samples from Mars and stated that there were elements in the rock that would support life on Mars. Do you think there are really iguanas on Mars?

What Pets Are Dreaming About

by Sammie & Katie

R. E. M. sleep is Rapid Eye Movement, in which your eyes are moving while you are dreaming.  This stage is when your most vivid dreams occur. When you are in R.E.M. sleep your mind paralyzes    
your body so that you are not running around in your
sleep when you are running around in your dreams. The only things that are moving are your eyes.  
From the wamu.org website  I learned that after a lab mouse ran through a maze, it began to dream that it was running the maze. A researcher was able to tell exactly where the mouse was in the maze. The mice are technically reliving the maze through their dreams.
Sometimes if you watch your pet sleep, he might twitch or turn onto its other side. Other times he/she might howl or cry and wake up. The thing is if you watch a human when they have a nightmare, they seem to shiver or twitch and then wake up, similar to animals. Depending on what kind of movement they make they could be dreaming or having a nightmare.
Scientists think animals dream about experiences they have had in the past. For example; if your pet had a scary experience, he/she may dream about all of the things that had happened to him/her. Of course,unless you know what happened to your pet, you will not know what he went through. Depending on what they do after their nap, you might be able to predict what happened to them.
If you do not have a pet that has been through something similar to that, just watching your pet sleep is a way to find out what they might be dreaming about.  Animals do not have the same dreams as us, but they are similar. For instance humans might have a dream about showing up at school with no pants or flying, but animals, from what we can tel,l only dream about experiences and memories they have had before.  

Dance Acrostic

Dance as if no one were watching                                     
And I twirled and swirled
ever ever stop dancing
enter stageEver danced before? You should!

by Brooke

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


By Allison
Wildfires are a forest’s worst enemy. This year a number of wildfires have raged through the western United States.  Firefighters did their best to fight them, but it is very hard and tough work, because conditions are hot, dry, and windy.  Fires destroy the homes of animals and people. Some fires are sparked by nature, such as when lightning storms happen. But many are started accidentally by people. Here are some tips on how you can help save forests and animals homes
  • Do NOT build a campfire under low branches or around shrubs.
  • Do NOT build a campfire in dry conditions. Check with the local fire department or wildlife management department to see if fires are permitted.
  • DO make sure you have a pail of water and shovel in case the fire spreads from the fire pit.
  • If a fire does start to spread, call 911 RIGHT AWAY!
Those are some ways to help protect your home and animals.  
For more information go to http://www.smokeybear.com

Remember only you can prevent wildfires...
Thank You!




By Luke
Linux is another operating system for your laptop or desktop computer. There are many different distributions or choices available such as OpenSuse, Fedora, Ubuntu, Elementary OS, and Linux Mint, just to name a few. How easy it is to set up depends on which distribution you choose. I will go over the features of Ubuntu, since I run it on my Laptop at home.
One feature is that, it’s very easy to install software using the Ubuntu Software Center.  On Windows you have to spend lots of time browsing the web for software if you are not sure of the exact program you want to install. Almost all Linux Distributions come with a Software Center.  Most of the software found here is free. If you want, you can also install software using the command line or terminal.
Next, is that pretty much all Linux operating systems, including Ubuntu are free.  The price for Windows 8.1 is $119.
Also, Windows can be a real hassle to reinstall if you don’t have drivers for your PC readily available on a media such as a CD. Drivers are the files your computer uses to control the operation of a device such as a soundcard. Ubuntu should work out of the box with most wifi cards, sound cards, and other hardware.
There are also no known viruses on Ubuntu. On Windows 7, I have to run an antivirus scan to make sure my computer isn’t infected. On Ubuntu that isn’t necessary.
You also have lots of choice with how your desktop looks. On Ubuntu you can install different desktop environments that change the way your computer looks such as KDE, or Gnome.
                             Screenshot of KDE 4                                   2. Screenshot of Gnome 3
If you want, you can have multiple desktop environments installed on the same machine.
Will it work with Windows software? That’s hit or miss. You can use a program called Wine to install Windows software, but Wine isn’t always as stable as if the program were installed on Windows for real.
A daunting thing about Linux is the command line. However, if  you used text based operating systems such as MS-DOS, some commands will be familiar. People post commands online for people who are new to Linux.
So which version should I try? Distros for beginners are Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Peppermint OS, and Elementary OS. That’s just a few of the many available. You can put the distro on a DVD or USB flash, and try it without installing it to your computer.
Lastly, my favorite thing to do with Linux is restore an old computer or laptop. Light versions, such as Peppermint OS can run on a very weak PC with 512 MG of RAM, versus Windows Vista which is more demanding on resources.  

Or Have the Dogs Come to CCS?

Mrs. Audet's RTI Adventure
By Dagan

I was reading the book Dogsong in RTI and a friend and I came up with an idea that maybe we could have a team of sled dogs come to our school. We wrote letters to several dog kennels around NH and VT asking for information on sled dogs and inquiring about having them visit our school on March 18, 2014. We decided to invite the entire 5th grade plus a couple of 8th graders. We talked inside for an hour and then we went outside for an hour. The crazy dogs ran into my legs! Then we ate lunch with them. After lunch we had RTI with them. I would like to thank Matt Kornher and Dylan Berger for making one of my dreams come true by bringing sled dogs to my school. I really appreciate what they did for me and my fellow classmates. For a wonderful day and the best day through all my grade school I thank you Matt and Dylan.

NOTE:  During the assembly, students asked questions of our Presenters. Below you will find these great questions and the answers so you, too, can learn about Sled Dogs!

Sled Dog Questions
 ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?

What are the names of the dogs that are here?
Blue,Ford, Jack, Judy,and Scooby  
How long does it take to train the dogs?
One week or a year depending on the dog
How many dogs does it take to pull a sled?
From 5 Dogs to 16, which is how many run in the Iditarod  
What Types of dogs do you have?
Alaskan Husky,Alaskan Malamute,and a Siberian Husky
How often do the sled dogs pull the sled?
During winter almost every day
Have you ever raced in the Iditarod?
How far can the dogs run until they have to stop?
up to 120 miles
What is the gender of the two dogs that came in for the presentation?
What is the usual number of dogs in one group?
from five dogs to sixteen
How old does a sled dog have to be to race?
range 3-6 years old
How old are they until they can't race?
While they can live to about 15 years old they stop racing at the age of 6.
What does the sled driver do when racing the dogs?
They control the sled and also the dogs. They use commands like: “Gee” for go right, “haw” for left, and “Ho” for stop.
What special gear do you have to put on the dogs?
Booties to protect their paws from freezing and an X Back harness to clip onto the sled line