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Rams Record Staff

Friday, April 4, 2014

What Pets Are Dreaming About

by Sammie & Katie

R. E. M. sleep is Rapid Eye Movement, in which your eyes are moving while you are dreaming.  This stage is when your most vivid dreams occur. When you are in R.E.M. sleep your mind paralyzes    
your body so that you are not running around in your
sleep when you are running around in your dreams. The only things that are moving are your eyes.  
From the wamu.org website  I learned that after a lab mouse ran through a maze, it began to dream that it was running the maze. A researcher was able to tell exactly where the mouse was in the maze. The mice are technically reliving the maze through their dreams.
Sometimes if you watch your pet sleep, he might twitch or turn onto its other side. Other times he/she might howl or cry and wake up. The thing is if you watch a human when they have a nightmare, they seem to shiver or twitch and then wake up, similar to animals. Depending on what kind of movement they make they could be dreaming or having a nightmare.
Scientists think animals dream about experiences they have had in the past. For example; if your pet had a scary experience, he/she may dream about all of the things that had happened to him/her. Of course,unless you know what happened to your pet, you will not know what he went through. Depending on what they do after their nap, you might be able to predict what happened to them.
If you do not have a pet that has been through something similar to that, just watching your pet sleep is a way to find out what they might be dreaming about.  Animals do not have the same dreams as us, but they are similar. For instance humans might have a dream about showing up at school with no pants or flying, but animals, from what we can tel,l only dream about experiences and memories they have had before.  

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