Rams Record Staff

Rams Record Staff

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Masked Man
Emma Cox
As I walked down the marble steps all eyes were on me. My auburn hair was pinned up with a few strands curled close to my face. My mask hid who I was and I was glad. Tonight I didn't want to be a princess I just wanted to be a commoner. As soon as I stepped out onto the dance floor a man about my age asked me to dance. His green eyes took me away, only half of his face was hidden from me, when he spoke his chocolate smooth voice eased my racing heart. When his hand touched my waist to bring me into the dance position, my heart skipped a beat. I asked him his name but he said he couldn't tell me. He was a brilliant dancer. The one thing we talked about that saddened me was that he was leaving for England tomorrow and I might never see him again.
We danced all night and at midnight I realized that we had made our way to the garden in the back of the plaice. The moonlight made him even more beautiful. Once at the waterfall we sat at a bench near the rose bushes. He took my hand in his then slowly untied the strings on his mask. I was shocked when I realized who the man was. He is the prince of Denmark. I was promised to him ever since I was three. Prince Matthew went to untie my mask but I ran through the gardens and to the gazebo where I hid from my father whenever we visited my mother's sister in France. The prince followed me and I tried to run again but he grabbed my arm and took off the mask. I couldn't look at him; he released my arm and started to stutter sorry and I just walked back into the gazebo and sat down. "Princess Claire?" Prince Mathew asked.
"Yes sir." I said back looking at him.
"You ran from me. Why?" I looked up to see the prince sitting across from me.
"Well...it's complicated I am promised to you and I didn't want you to think of me like this."
"Oh well we're promised to each other?"
"Yes....you didn't know?" I asked walking over to him and sitting near him.
"No I didn't my father never told me. He said not to worry about it."
"Oh well I'm sorry we had to meet this way." I said stealing another look at Matthew. He was already looking at me. I looked away quickly and I could feel the blood creeping up to my ears. "I have to go back inside. My father will be looking for me."
"Naturally, but before you go can I have one last dance?" Matthew asked.
"Of Course. You are a great dancer." We danced for thirty more minutes before Matthew walked me back to the palace. He told me that he was happy with his father's decision about the arranged marriage and I agreed.
"I'll see you soon Princess Claire." Matthew said. He bowed to me and kissed my hand.
We were married next spring on my eighteenth birthday. I stand next to my love today giving our daughter away to her love.

And we all lived happily ever after.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The New Hampshire PRIMARIES
Jessy B.
On the 9th of February, adults from all corners of New Hampshire were eager to vote for the presidential candidate of their choice. The votes have been counted, and the winner for the Democratic party was Bernie Sanders. The  Republican winner was Donald Trump. The runner-up for the Democratic party was Hillary Clinton. In second place for the Republican party was John Kasich.
Democrats Percentage of Votes
Republican Percentage of Votes
Bernie Sanders - 60.4%
Donald Trump - 35.3%
Hillary Clinton - 38%
John Kasich - 15.8%