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Rams Record Staff

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Image result for football         Super Bowl Outcome

By: Michael; staff editor

The Super Bowl finished with the Philadelphia Eagles winning. The backup quarterback Nick Foles defeated five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. The game went back and forth between the offenses. The game was going to end with whose defense gets the stop or who scores the quickest. With about two minutes remaining in the game Tom Brady and his offense were down by five. They were trying to have another Super Bowl comeback. On one play Tom Brady got ready to throw a pass downfield and the Eagles defensive line collapsed on him and forced a fumble. This was a game changer because the Eagles were in field goal range. Once the Patriots stopped them the Eagles kicked a field goal with 50 seconds remaining.
Tom Brady has had so many miracle comebacks in his lifetime. Starting at nine yard line the Eagles forced the Pats to make it 4th down and 10. Tom Brady then threw a laser and converted the play. The Patriots had 20 seconds left to play. They needed to score a touchdown and get the two point conversion. Tom Brady was trying to get closer to the end zone so he didn't have to throw up a bomb to the endzone. One of his passes almost got intercepted by the Eagles cornerback. With ten seconds remaining they had to go for a hail mary. The ball was snapped and Tom Brady dropped back, the pressure came and he broke out of a tackle. He scrambled out to the right. Tom Brady threw a hail mary to Gronkowski. The ball got tipped and Amendola and Hogan couldn't  get the rebound. The Philadelphia Eagles won the 52nd Lombardi trophy. The Eagles, Nick Foles won MVP in Super Bowl 52.

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                Another Unlucky Storm Season for 2018
By Dillon, staff editor
Well, it looks like 2018 has been getting a lot of snow storms. This is one of the past storms. The name of which all who survived this winter of 2018 will remember as Grayson, a bombogenesis that occurred on January 12th. This storm was predicted to go all the way from parts of Louisiana to Canada. The predictions were correct. It also looks like there was some rain as well as snow in parts of the East Coast.
On Friday, January 12, 2018 several airport flights were delayed. Between that Friday and Saturday we were expecting to have some icy roads and it was very difficult to travel. On Saturday morning we were also expecting there to be huge freeze-ups, power outages, and even trees down. There were about 80,000 power outages and about 11 people died from the freezing cold temperatures.
Between 6 and 12 inches of snow was expected throughout the top half of Pennsylvania, 3-6 inches from Canada to Kentucky and about 1-3 inches from Canada to Tennessee. The rain was expected to be from 2.5 to 3 inches from 2 PM on Thursday to 4 PM on Friday.
Also during the storm, there were flood warnings in Allegheny County and any surrounding places. The reason that the flood warning was there is because the rain was supposed to warm up and melt some of the snow. This would also cause black ice, making it unsafe to drive.   
According to Meteorologists, we will be experiencing normal cold temperatures during the months of February and March. Some heavy precipitation along the Atlantic Seaboard is expected.
Static Snowstorm 9 am

Friday, February 9, 2018

                                               Basset Hounds
By Andrew, Rams staff editor

Most people think basset hounds are just house pets.  That is true but there is more to it. They are very useful,  Basset hounds have short legs, which means their nose is low to the ground.  Why is that valuable? It means that  Basset hounds are perfect for hunting. They can smell things or animals on the ground, like rabbits.  But when they are not hunting they are laid back and enjoy their families.
Besides hunting, basset hounds are not very active.  Nowadays people  don't consider bassets as hunting dogs, but they still are.  They weigh 45-60 pounds and can be 15 inches tall.   They usually live to 12-13 years old.  If you already have a dog, basset hounds would be a great addition because they go along great with other dogs and kids.  They will bark if necessary, but not usually.  
The basset hound is part of the hound family.  Another famous hound is the bloodhound.  Like the basset hound, it has long ears and it has red eyes. The bloodhound is much taller than the basset hound.  The bloodhound can grow  to 27 inches. The bloodhound is not for hunting because it doesn't have short legs, and its nose is not close to the ground.  Both dogs are great dogs to have around.
Whether you like to hunt or you just want to relax, basset hounds are perfect for you. They can comfort  you whenever you need them.  They can be perfect for any occasion.  Basset hounds are great dogs.

Follow this link if you are interested in adopting a basset hound.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Matt, Rams staff editor

Biotechnology is the use of living systems and organisms to develop products.  It can be used for any technology involved with biological systems or living organisms to make or modify products or processes for specific use.
Biotechnology has led to the development of antibiotics. In 1928, Alexander Fleming  discovered mold.  Howard Florey's work led to the antibiotic formed by the mold. In 1940, penicillin became available for medicinal use to treat bacterial infections.
There are different types of biotechnology.  For example, bio-pharmaceutical technologies which manufacture medicines and antibiotics. Environmental biotechnology which is a hugely expanding industry in the 21st century. Those involved in Environmental tech study the natural environment and find more efficient ways of creating reusable energy.
    Bioprocessing involves using micro-organisms and enzymes to develop different products. It has been used for hundreds of years to make breads, yeast and yogurt from cultures.
None of the different types of biotechnology are even close to being the same in any way.  Every type has an entirely different topic on which they focus. There are no two types that are the same.  In the future, biotechnology of all types could be the most relevant endeavor in the world.  Even those we can't imagine right now.