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Rams Record Staff

Monday, April 14, 2014

Read Across America becomes Read Across the World!

Each year in March, we celebrate the joy of reading while celebrating Dr. Seuss's March birthday. The themes and activities vary, as with any birthday party! This year, our theme is "Read Across the World", in an effort to bridge the miles between book lovers here in New Hampshire and book-loving soldiers stationed across the world in Afghanistan! Following are some of the ways we celebrated Dr. Seuss, who was once a proud Army soldier himself, and our troops overseas.

This letter was enclosed with close to 300 homemade chocolate chip- pecan cookies and a box of letters scribed by each of our students in grades k-8. I just received word from the USO that the box arrived safely in Afghanistan on March 29. When we receive responses from our troops, they will be displayed on this bulletin board in the primary wing on a rotating basis before being given to the student recipients. We are currently trying to plan a skype session in which soldiers will read books aloud to our students. More info will be forthcoming...

To Our Brave Soldiers…raa soldiers.JPG
My name is Resa Audet and I’m a Reading Specialist at Chichester Central School in the teeny, tiny town of Chichester, New Hampshire. We are celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday throughout the month of March. This year I have christened March “Read Across the World” month. Several of our students and staff have family members in the Armed Forces, particularly the Army. My own son, Pvt. Audet, Adam (LOL...can you tell I write him often?) is just a couple of weeks away from graduating tech school as a medic with Foxtrot 232 in San Antonio, Texas.
Reading is such an essential skill in life, but it is the love of reading that keeps kids engaging in the often hard work it takes to become a lifelong reader. No one can know about hard work and perseverance like all of you who are serving our country, here and far from home. It is in the spirit of supporting our troops and celebrating the awesomeness of Reading that we invite you to participate in a pen pal letter exchange.
Inside this box are letters from each of our students. For ease of writing with our little ones, I developed a fill-in form, which will  make responding easier for all of you as well.  Some students really wanted to write longer letters and they were given that opportunity. If any of you wish to write more, feel free. Just grab a homemade chocolate chip-pecan cookie, baked with love by my 9th grader,  Brenna and me, select a letter to read and, if you can and wish to, fill in the form stapled behind your student’s letter. If you care to add more detail, write a letter on back! Then you can give the letter back to the USO rep who will make a mass mailing to our school. Should you desire to send the letter individually, I will provide my school address…
Resa Audet, Reading Specialist
Chichester Central School
219 Main St
Chichester, NH  03258

Bless you all for your service and sacrifice!  With love and respect,  Resa :)

ad n me.JPGFreedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.

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