Rams Record Staff

Rams Record Staff

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Steele Hill
By Lindsey E. , Rams Editor  
Ahh… VACATION.. a time to sit by the pool and relax. Wait…. it’s April how can I be sitting by a pool? Well, I am at Steele Hill Resorts- a great place to sit and relax for the April break.  
The apartments are always clean and there is a lot of privacy too. They have a racquetball court and indoor pool and gym. You can find video games in the hallways.
Located in Sanbornton, Steele Hill is aptly named because it sits on a hill. Beside the pool there is a big waterslide  and a pool for little kids. The kiddie pool has a big mushroom that rains water down on the kids. It has a little water slide for them too.

There is also a big pool for older kids. It has a big water slide. The pool room has 2 hot tubs. One is a Roman hot tub, the other is a normal one. If you would like to play some racquetball after a nice swim, just head to the front desk. Ask about the racquetball court, but be sure to have an adult with you. These are many things you can do at Steele Hill Resorts. They have a long wait list so call NOW. April vacation is right around the corner.     

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