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Rams Record Staff

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lengthening The School Day
Camdyn, staff editor

In my opinion, the school day should be lengthened. I know you probably think I’m crazy because I want the school day to become longer. I don't mean we should just work all day. If we have a longer school day that would mean more recess and lunch time too. I think that it is important that the school day is expanded.
The first reason why the school day should be become longer is that kids would get a longer lunch period. Usually the kids at the end of the lunch line only get a few minutes of lunch. It is scientifically proven that kids do better if they’ve had enough to eat. Nobody can focus on an empty stomach. I’ve learned that in my own experience. It is also important that kids get a longer lunch so that they don't have to rush to finish their lunch. If you eat too fast you might get a stomach ache. That's not very pleasant.
Secondly, the school day should be expanded because kids would get more study and learning time. It is important that kids have more time to really go in depth with the skill they are trying to master. When you practice a skill for a while you get better at it. Which means you will get better grades.
If the school day is longer the teacher has more time to really explain the strategy that the students are learning. Therefore, students will get more fluent with the skill. Also, if students have more study time during the school day, they will do better on tests and quizzes. In addition, kids would get more time to work on their projects.
One other advantage to a longer school day is that kids could have access to enrichment classes to learn about other topics such as playing an instrument or studying a foreign language. It is very important that students have more study and learning time during the school day.
One last reason why school should be expanded is students would get more recess time. It is important that all students get two or more recesses or breaks. Students need to get a lot of fresh air instead of sitting down all day. If students are sitting down all they could get really uncomfortable. Lately there have been studies showing that sitting too long is really bad for people’s health. Kids do better when they get movement breaks. Also, when kids are outside they get to socialize with their friends. It's never a bad thing to catch up on things with your friends. It is very important that students get enough recess and break time.

To sum it up, I think the school day should be expanded. It is very important that every student has enough school time to do their very best and achieve their goals. Expanding the school day would definitely help!
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