Rams Record Staff

Rams Record Staff

Monday, March 31, 2014

Soccer Acrostics

Sweaty shinguards
Oh no, they just scored!
Crazed fans cheering
Creaky muscles
Energy to block a goal
Running to take the ball
-by Mason P

Screaming parents at the sidelines
On the kick I run for the ball
Chichester, you can do it!
Concord Christian is losing by five points
Everyone is up at the net
Red scored and won the game!
-by Emma L

Sweaty hair flying as I sprint across the field
Off kick, sends a white blur soaring past the net
Cramped sore muscles as I get shoved and elbowed
Champions. We will be the champions.
Elbows jam into sides as we battle for the ball
Roar! The crowd goes wild as foot meets ball and ball meets net. We are the champions!
-By Abigail R.

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