Rams Record Staff

Rams Record Staff

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hockey Acrostics

Hip checks, helmets falling onto the ice
Offense and Defense doing their job
Checking the players back and forth
Kicking the ice up as I fall
Empty nets doing their best to stay that way
Yelling and yelling in the crowd when a goal is scored

-By Nathan S.

Hot steaming chocolate touches my tongue  
Oh, I got to check
Knowing the way the puck glides
Everybody will slip and slide
You can do it I whispered

Hands pushing and flailing
It’s fun but hard
The game depends on you
Skating to the goal to make a shot

And get the
-by Laci G

Having the puck and stick handling
Ooh, the pain!
Kotton candy
Eating food
Yeah, I scored!
-By  Zachary S


Hustle and pass
Oh yes, he got the puck
Come on... get to the other side
Kick the puck and pass
Easy shot! Take it! Take the shot!
Yes, he shot and scored. We Win!!!
- by Derek D


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