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Rams Record Staff

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Jimmy Garoppolo
By Rams Editor Lindsey E.
Patriots won the super bowl, but what’s next for Jimmy Garoppolo? Will he stay with the patriots? Or will he go to a different team?
Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, won his fifth super bowl on February 5th 2017. But with his four game suspension Jimmy Garoppolo had to take a stand.  By the second game he injured his shoulder. Then we had Jacoby Brissett, who then got injured. But luckily Tom Brady was back. Jimmy Garoppolo was up for grabs at the end of the season. The Cleveland Browns wanted to have him for a trade.
The Cleveland Browns did not complete the trade with the New England Patriots. Jimmy Garoppolo will be staying with the Patriots.  The Browns tried to ship Number 12 overall pick for the Patriots. We have no information  if the Browns were offering any further picks or veteran  players. The Browns should have offered more to get the players they wanted, but perhaps the Patriots were asking for too much.  The Patriots may have blown their chance to get the most out of Garoppolo. Next March there will be a swing for unrestricted free agency.  

In conclusion there should have been a  trade. But maybe Jimmy G. was too valuable to trade.  It might have benefited both of the Browns and the Patriots.  I can’t wait to see what happens next season.  
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