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Rams Record Staff

Friday, November 14, 2014

My Vacation to Gettysburg
by Sarah

This past Summer, my family and I took a road trip to Gettysburg. As we drove up to the Gettysburg Military Park Visitors Center I was amazed by the number of cars and people there. Walking to the visitors’ center we were met by Abraham Lincoln sitting on a stone bench. We took pictures with him and then went inside. There were lots of people leaving, since closing time was only two hours away. We bought tickets that would be good for the next day and started exploring. There was an array of cases with artifacts found after the Battle of Gettysburg. After  a fifteen-minute wait we were allowed in the theater to watch a short video narrated by Morgan Freeman. After the video, we took an escalator up to the Cyclorama where we watched a painting come alive with the sounds of cannons, birds and horses’ hooves. It was so amazing to see!
After watching the Cyclorama we had about an hour to see the rest of the museum. We walked through until it was announced that the museum would be closing. We went back to our car and drove to see the Soldiers’ National Cemetery. It was a very peaceful place. My family and I found one of the New Hampshire monuments.
The next morning we arrived at the Visitors’ Center for our tour with a guide. We met him and then went out to our car. The guide drove us around to the town of Gettysburg and parts of the battlefield. We saw some more New Hampshire memorials and the guide told us about other state memorials. Only one monument was placed there by the Southern states. All of the other monuments were placed there by Northern states. My favorite part of the guided tour was when we stood on the hill known as Little Round Top. It was a wonderful, clear day and, looking across in the sky, you could see the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. We concluded our tour at the museum and started out on our journey home.

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