Rams Record Staff

Rams Record Staff

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

        It’s time again
now that it’s June
To play that
sentimental tune.
To don our gowns
and doff our caps
And give each other
high-five slaps.
Its time again
to bid farewell
To lives we know
all too well.
To shake the hands
of teachers who
Helped shape the future
we aspire to.
Its time again
and it did fly
We must never let minutes
pass us by.
Without enjoying
each fleeting one
For they seem to be over
just as they’ve begun.
Its time again
farewell, adieu
We will miss
everyone of you…
 Congrats to our grads, one and all
   To all the rest, See y’all
         next Fall!
     - resa audet
Dear MIchael,                                                                                   
  We love you. We are looking forward to having a great summer with you.
  With Lots of Love,
Mommy, Daddy & Ansley

Dear Ansley,
We love you. We are looking forward to having a great summer with you.
With lots of Love,
Mommy, Daddy and Michael
Dear Mrs. Sanborn,
  You are the best teacher in the world. I am so sad you are leaving. You have helped me so much.                                                               

Dear Mrs. Sanborn,
  You are the best teacher I’ve met. I am sad you are leaving us at the end of the week. I will miss you.

Dear Mrs. Sanborn,
  I will miss you. I had a good time with you. Thank you, Mrs. Sanborn.

Dear Kindergarten Children,
  Hooray for the kindergarten kids! You all did great! You can read and write and do math. You can solve problems. You can be clever and kind. You can build and make things. You can paint and sing. You can make pancakes and sew pillows and grow plants. You can hike in the woods and climb over rocks. It’s been wonderful to have you in kindergarten. I am so proud of you! Have fun on your vacation.
                    Mrs. Molleur

Dear Mrs. Sanborn,
  You are the best teacher EVER! I will miss you a lot. You help me when I need some help. I love you so much.
Dear Jo,
  Faith and begorrah, the day that i fear
Jo Sanborn’s retirement is finally here.
From one Lass to another, I’ll miss you a ton.
Enjoy your retirement, don’t act like a nun! :)
                     Kate Mara
  We are so happy for you and sad for us. Thanks for adding a spark to our day and a laugh to our building. It was a privilege and an honor to have worked with you. And a blessing to have had you as my friend.
For all my Reading Kiddos!
You’ve done your best to Be the best! Now it’s summer, so get some rest! Before you can blink, it will be fall. So enjoy your vacation and have a Ball!
              Mrs. Audet

Dear 3B,
   Have a terrific summer boys! You kept me on my toes!
                                     Mrs. Binder
P.S. I will miss my trio at RTI! Have a great summer, fellas...
                            Mrs. Audet


Dear Mrs. Sanborn & Mrs. Mara,
   Thank you for everyone’s help in school, reading, especially lots of fun.

Dear Mrs. Douglas,
 I had an incredible year with you this year in 2014. I hope you have an amazing time with your class next year.
Mrs. Sanborn,
    I am sad that you are retiring from CCS in 2014. I had the best time with you last year!

   We are so proud of everything you have accomplished this year. We love that you have such a kind and generous heart. Hard to believe you are already going to 3rd grade. We love you buddy!
             Mom & Dad

Dear Mrs. Sanborn,
  I will totally miss you when you are gone. You were so sweet to me in 2014.

Dear Mrs. Sanborn,
  I will miss you. You are the best teacher anyone could ever have. I will miss you so, so, so much.

Dear Mrs. Murray,
  You have been good at helping people when they need help. Thank you for helping everyone in Mrs. Binder’s classroom. Have a nice summer.
Dear 8th Grade,
  Best Wishes to you all! Test your wings and fly! You can do it!
                Mrs. Molleur

Dear Mrs. Sanborn,
  I love you because you make me do lots of work!

  It will be difficult to replace
  your sweet, smiling face.
  Your funny jokes and tales,
  your Lia Sophia sales!
  The way that you inspire.
  Energy that just won’t tire.
  The teacher kids adore.
  The way you never bore.
   Your handling of the bus.
   The friend you are to us!
   But of you I am so proud
   and want to shout out loud,
“Goodbye and Goodluck to YOU
You will be GREAT at ALL you DO!“

  I’ve owed you my life quite a bit...well, at least 6 dollars and 25 cents of it! :0 ) I will sooo miss the grin that is a permanent fixture above your chin! You certainly deserve a life of ease, away from meatloaf, ravioli and peas. Come back and see us cuz we’ll miss you a bunch. And if it’s not a Monday, I’ll charge YOU a lunch!!! :) LOL!!!!    Resa ;)
For Mrs. Stiles, as You Journey Forth…
 You have led us all through 16 years,
as we say goodbye through salty tears
we also celebrate with you
as you challenge yourself with something new.
The wishes of every girl and boy
is that your adventure brings you joy
equal to that you brought to us all
Your footsteps will echo through every hall…
Resa & all of Your CCS Family!                                                                                                              

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